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Imposto is the only organization in the market that will provide you with all your individual, business and firm solutions in one place. We have a wide range of services and can meet your demands: we work with young adults starting their careers and needing to file taxes for the first time to the intense demands of consulting and managing the multi-faceted financial processes of multi-million dollar organizations.

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Individual Clients

• US Tax

We are specialized in all kinds of US Tax returns ranging from expatriate tax returns for people living outside the U.S. to individual tax returns for people living inside the U.S. We help a wide range of clients from people just starting their careers to individuals owning business’s and having complex investments which require expert attention.

• Financial Planning, Management and Analysis

Our expert team optimizes the use of new technology to provide you with a comprehensive financial plan and can also assist you with the management of your financial resources.


  • Accounting and Book Keeping
  • Payroll
  • Business Tax
  • Recruitment
  • Strategy

Our accountants have a wide range of experience and have worked for small businesses, mid-sized ventures, fortune 100 companies and big 4 accounting firms. We have the experience to meet your demands regardless of the scale of the project.

We can assist you with routine activities such as payroll processing, monthly bookkeeping, month end financial close, account reconciliation to the most advanced financial strategies to keep your business on top such as commodity hedging, hedge accounting implementation and strategic advisory services.


We believe in giving the higher value to the clients. We also provide services to the clients which have the work divided unevenly throughout the year (i.e. seasonal). We help in hiring contractual employees that will provide their services for the time they are hired building greater economic value to our clients.